The first step into school is that giant step forward, where children embark on the great adventure of discovering the wide world outside and the depth of the world within. As we hold the little finger and guide the young ones forward, we realize the responsibility of nurturing their curiosity igniting their minds to pierce the skies, helping them to discover the world of books and richness of experience and today — master the magic of technology and limitless span of cyber – space

We aim to create in our students a cutting edge which will bring success in the emerging competitive world. In this highly competitive world, BMWIS stands as a beacon providing unbounded access to information that can be transformed into comprehensive and indispensable knowledge. We do it by providing the ‘School Model’ and ‘Integrated Model’ of teaching which imparts education with extra push and a nudge.

We emphasize on instilling confidence and independence promoting critical thinking that will help the students to act and react in real life situations. Not only is education imparted but opportunities are provided whereby the students learn and test the applicability of the knowledge acquired.

Our pivotal emphasis is on all-round development of personalities. This is achieved by providing contextualized study of curriculum which is given through diversified activities and competitions that make them expressive and adaptable. These activities focus on developing entrepreneurial skills, leadership, communication and presentation skills, creativity and so on whereby students are well equipped and ever ready to take on the plunge into the highly competitive world.

We believe that education is a process of awakening individuals to create knowledge but more importantly enlightening students with the wisdom that they must never put a price tag on their heart and soul.

A good career is important but a good character is paramount. We believe that ‘individuals’ are the atoms that hold tremendous potential within to serve as agents of change and thus we are confident that our students, enriched with sense of high morality and social responsibility, will be the makers of the virtuous society.